Ticket Out of Hades

from by 20 lb SLEDGE

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Is it the end times?
Is that what's on your mind.
We've already had that party back in 1999.
Then came 2012.
Would the world be dragged to hell?
Do you believe in the date, or the One
who cleared your slate?
Gather for the welcoming parade
as the Four Horsemen ride.
Can you see the one their followed by?
The grand marshal In the motorcade
rolls on a road that's wide.
Seducing sheep for the dragon
with a song of blame and change.

The Hell with this, I'll untwist,
Lord pull me from the abyss.
I don't want to drown
I can feel the undertow pull me
I feel the weight on my chest from the
stress. Deeper and sinking in the mess
I've made of things - living my life for
me and not the King.

So let Him be your soul shaker.
He'll set you free He's the chain breaker.
He'll cut you loose from your noose,
and trade you hope for your rope.
Your ticket out of Hades baby,
any takers?

You're ride was bought blood,
Your tickets punched by nails.
Come and get you some love.
The King just posted your bail.
You're gonna stand trial,
and do it with a smile.
The Carpenter moonlights as your Lawyer,
and has been tight with the Judge a while.
So be sure to get your ticket.
You don't want to miss it.
You need only testify,
and know and show you've seen the light.
So don't you miss that train.
It's the Almighty Train.
All aboard.
You don't need that baggage, Mayng.

Here comes the freedom train.
You want admission, You want admission,
You need only speak His name.
Call Him Like you mean it.
He's got the light you want so tell Him that you need it.
Call Him like you mean it. He's got the light you want,
you need only receive it.

Cut you loose from the noose.
Any takers?
Music and lyrics by AlfonZo Rachel


from Divine Battery, released November 4, 2013



all rights reserved


20 lb SLEDGE Los Angeles, California

The RUFF ROCK stylings of 20 lb SLEDGE slam like Sonic Body Blows with sophisticated yet steady beefy rhythms marinated in juicy melodies. The vocals bark with a bite of sharp toothed defense of faith and patriotism, with flows sweet like freedom and the grit it takes to keep it. The lyrics bridge the generations from snotty teens to old farts without relying on nasty language. SLEDGE ON! ... more

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